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With no doubt, GG with the 9 members originally is the biggest girl group in Asia. I still remember watching the music video GEE and suddenly I fall in love with this group. Also with the hit song "Tell Me Your Wish" Girl Generation became more well known in Korea as well as in Japan. There are lots of their hit song for examples, OH! , THE BOYS, MR MR and more.  Personally, I also do love their debut song INTO THE NEW WORLD. 

2) 2NE1

With the 4 members which consist CL, Park Bom, Minzy and Sandara Park, their music is edgy, hip-hop, reggae, and EDM. That's what makes them stand out due to the fact they music is so unique. 2NE1 is the first girl group who make me into this K-pop world, and the first song that I hear is I DONT CARE. Their hit songs are Missing You, Lonely and Come Back Home. 


After 5 years since MISS A, JYP has debuted TWICE through the program called SIXTEEN. TWICE really gives impact on K-POP since their debut. With the hit song CHEER UP has brought TWICE become the girl group of the moment and they also won the best song of the year. Do you guys know their famous trademark "Shy Shy Shy" ?


I found them through UM OH AH YEAH, and this time I also get stuck with this group because of the vocal and ad-libs performance on stage. With the 4 interesting and outgoing members Solar, Wheein, Moonbyul and Hwasa, Mamamoo truly turned into superstars this year with the new single Decalcomanie. I beliEve this girl group is going to succeed in the future! MAMAMOO FIGHTING.


In 2015, they are already a promising rookie with their debut GLASS BEAD. Followed by song GUSTAS TUS and hit song ROUGH, GFriend blew their music wide open. With the pure concept and knife-cut dance choreography, they become well known worldwide.

Who is your bias in K-Pop Girl Groups? Name your top 5. 

That is all from me.
See you later. Talk soon!

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7 komen

  1. All of them are undeniably talented! Twice latest TT is my new jam. Mamamoo and their vocal and adlibs are soooooo good too!

    I loved 4 Minutes and currently in trend BlackPink :) It just feels so good that there are so many new face with good vocal and talented.

    1. OMG Im so in love with Blackpink especially Lisa and Jennie! Besides, I cant wait for the new group debut LipBubble.

  2. I love Twice the most! They're really really good.

    My top 5 would be Twice, Gfriend, 4Minute, AOA and SNSD ><

    1. I've been following Twice since Sixteen, they are so pretty and talented! My bias would be black swan Mina, how about you?

  3. hahaha kalau sy,
    1. 2ne1
    2. Blackpink
    3. 4Minute
    4. SNSD
    5. Gfriend

    lots of love,

  4. say yes to 2ne1 hehe minat diorang je
    jemput join GA saya ya

  5. My favourite Kpop girl group are only 2ne1 and blackpink. Typical YG stan hehe


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